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Novus Journals are peer-reviewed, open access and multidisciplinary group of journals that publishes original research & review articles of all major branches of Science and Technology. We adopted a fully open access publishing model that allows open global access to its published content so anyone can download & read articles round the clock totally free of cost. NOVUS Journals are included in many leading abstracting and indexing open-access databases like Advanced Science Indexing (Click Here to see indexing details), EuroPub (Click Here to see indexing details), Road (Directory of open access scholarly resources), Google Scholar, Cornell University Database, & ResearchGate.

The IJESIRNOVUS also provide indexing services to major international journals and proceedings. Authors may obtain information on the impact factor of international journals, proceedings (research papers), and upcoming events. All of the journal pages provide links to the publishers’ Web sites, which are incorporated into the NOVUS stream pages. The aim is to make open access science and academic journals more visible and accessible. You can request an impact factor estimate for your journal if it is indexed and has a NOVUS validated stamp. NOVUS is a service that connects you to high-quality Open Access journals. The IJESIR–NOVUS aspires to be inclusive, covering all open access science and academic journals that employ a quality management system, and it will not be restricted to specific languages or subject areas. The goal of Novus is to increase the exposure and accessibility of open access scientific and scholarly journals, thereby increasing their use and influence

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